Become CDP Partner:


As a respected reseller, you clients look to you for expert service and advice. Partner with a company that keeps organizations compliant, ahead of the curve and ready to do business.

Our aggressive partner program allows you to earn a generous commission while providing your clients with best-in class technology, printing & promotional solutions.


When you become a CDP partner, your clients will get access to the industry’s most advanced paperless document management solutions, electronic receipts and secure, encrypted digital signature technology.


We also offer custom professional services such as email encryption, backup and disaster recovery, and customer laser print services.  Our strong combination of products, coupled with great customer service, simple integration, and affordable pricing, enables you to deliver

cost-effective services to your clients.


Learn how to leverage the support, expertise, and performance of CDP by signing up for the CDP Partner Program. The benefits include:

• Improve your value to your clients by taking advantage of the expertise of your dedicated CDP partner account team, including training and sales support

• Deliver enhanced services by leveraging the secure, powerful CDP infrastructure

• Easily grow your income with a generous commission structure

• Industry leading solutions for credit unions, banks, accounting, legal, insurance, healthcare, SMB and enterprise business.



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