Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  • General

    ???Do you offer free trials of your software?In most cases yes.  Please contact our Sales team at 800.869.0493 extension 5 or email to What is the best way to stay current on what???s happening at CDP?You can follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page or be part of our group discussions on LinkedIn.  If you???d like to receive email updates and have access to our Newsletters and White Papers please send an email to to be added. I have a quick question on one of your products, what???s the best way to get it answered?There is someone monitoring our click-to-chat feature throughout the business day.  You can access our click-to-chat feature from most of our web pages ( I noticed you have expertise in many areas, are you available to speak at our conference?Yes, we speak and participate any various conferences throughout the United States.  Contact us at 800.869.0493 extension 5 to discuss the possibility of us speaking at your conference. Is there a way I can make money recommending CDP software to other companies?Yes, CDP offers a referral program designed to allow someone to leverage the expertise of CDP with the ability to earn extra income.  Find out more at What are your normal technical support hours?We have staff available to take support calls from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm EST M-Fr and 8:30 am ??? 2:00 pm EST on Saturday. Are there steps I can do before contacting support?Yes, CDP offers numerous training and troubleshooting videos.  Please contact the eSig Plus Team at 800.869.0493 extension 1 to request a login ID and Password.  

  • CDP E-Sign

    ???What is the recommended workflow when preparing a document for CDP E-Sign?It is recommended the document be fully prepared in CDP Manage before using CDP E-Sign to digitally sign.  This includes scanning / adding any additional pages, placing all signature boxes and capturing all electronic signatures using a signature pad. Can more than one signer be in the document at the same time in CDP E-Sign?Yes, more than one signer can access the document at the same time and digitally sign the document. Can I determine the order of signing?Yes, using the Advanced option when viewing the document you can select ???Sequential??? as the signing process and then order the signers.  Signer 1 will be notified first and have to complete their signing before Signer 2 is notified.  This process continues until all signers have completed the signing process. What is the recommended process to communicate a signer???s PIN to them?The PIN can be communicated using regular email, secure email, mail, over the phone or in a text message.  It is recommended the PIN not be sent to the signer using the same email address entered for them to receive the link to sign the document. How do I send the PIN via a text message?When creating a new signer or editing an existing signer you can enter in the signer???s cell phone number and select the ???Send Pin to Phone??? button. This will send the pin via a text message to the signer. Is there additional security that I can build into the signing process?Yes.  CDP E-Sign has built in integration with Experian???s Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA).  If the credit union is setup with Experian the signer can be forced to answer out-of-wallet questions to be authenticated before they are able to sign the document.  Please contact Complete Data Products Inc. (formerly Carswell Data Products) if you are interested in learning more about how this feature works. What if I don???t want the signer to need a pin to access a document?When setting up the signer you would check the ???No PIN Req???d??? check box.  This will allow the signer to simply click on the link within the email and they can begin the signing process. I have multiple signers for a document.  Do they all need to use Experian???s KBA if I???m unsure of one of the signers?No.  You can pick which signer(s) use the KBA process.  When a signer is setup you decide then and check the box if you want the extra authentication. Does CDP E-Sign integrate with other credit reporting agencies besides Experian?Not at this time. CDP can provide an Experian contact that will discuss the steps involved to get setup so you can take advantage of the extra authentication within CDP E-Sign. Can one signer sign the document using the signature pad in our office and a second signer use CDP E-Sign?Yes. The signer that wants to sign in the office should sign the document first. Once all the electronic signatures using the signature pad have been captured then the document is ready to be pushed to CDP E-Sign to capture the digital signatures. Are loans the only type of documents that can be signed digitally using CDP E-Sign?No.  Any document that you can get into CDP Manage can be signed digitally using CDP E-Sign.  This includes documents scanned, added from your workstation or printed directly into CDP Manage using the virtual printer. Can I use CDP E-Sign if I need the signer to provide additional documentation such as a copy of their driver???s license?Yes, CDP E-Sign allows a signer to upload additional documents during the signing process.  This is setup within the Advance feature when viewing the document. Can I make uploading additional documents mandatory?Yes, per signer, you control how many documents can be uploaded and how many are mandatory. How do I let the signer know which documents I want them to upload during the process?Within the Advanced feature when viewing the document you can enter in instructions.  This is where you???d let the signer know which additional documents you need them to upload.  This will be displayed on the upload page during the signing process. Can I preview the document the signer uploaded?Yes, once the document is completely signed you will have the ability to preview the signed document, as well as, any document that were uploaded during the process. We have forms that we post on our credit union web site.  Is there a way to have those forms signed using CDP E-Sign?Yes.  CDP E-Sign has a member initiated form (MIF) process.  The forms on your web site can be setup so the member can enter in required information and sign all during the same process.  This eliminates the need to have them print, sign and fax it to the credit union.  These documents can be reviewed and approved in CDP E-Sign (formerly CDP Websign) and eventually are saved into your CDP Manage database. What if the credit union wants to control the member initiated signing process?In this case the credit union has a few options.  (1) They can require a password to be entered before a member can input information and sign the document.  This password would need to be communicated to the member before the member clicks on the link.  (2) The credit union can actually kick off the process and have an email sent to the member.   An example of a credit union initiated process would be where a form has more than one signer and both parties need to sign the document. How will I know when all the signatures have been captured on a document?The document originator will receive an email.  They should then log into CDP E-Sign to review and then approve the document so it will be saved into CDP Manage. Can I setup a group email to be notified when a document is completed or canceled?Yes.  Under the user settings for each user enter the group email into the email field. Does a signer get notified more than once to sign a document?Yes.  There is a reminder after 24 and 48 hours if a signer has not logged in and signed the document. What happens if a user cancels signing the document or selects ???No??? on the E-SIGN page?A Signing Suspended page will display indicating the transaction could not be completed.  The signer will have the ability to enter in a reason they are canceling signing and once they hit submit the document originator will be notified via email.  If the signer does not cancel the entire document transaction (see below) the signer can use the previously provided link and PIN to still sign the document digitally with CDP E-Sign.  If the signer would rather sign in the office then the document should be canceled in CDP E-Sign so the normal signature pad signing process in CDP Manage can be done. What happens if the signer cancels the entire document transaction after canceling the signing process?The document originator will be notified via email that the entire transaction was canceled by the signer.  The email will contain the reason for canceling if anything was entered by the signer before hitting submit.  In this case the document is no longer accessible using the previously provided link and PIN.  The document would have to be re-pushed if it was decided to send the document to sign again. How are the document transaction counts determined?Any document that is sent to the CDPWebsign server will be included in your annual transaction count.  When using Member or Credit Union initiated forms once the link is selected to start the signing process it is included in your annual transaction count.  Even if the signer cancels the signing process or the form expires it is still part of the annual transaction count. What do I do if I???m not ready to push a document to CDP E-Sign but am done working on it for the time being?You should put the document into a Pended state within CDP Manage.  When you are ready to work on the document again you can pull it out of the Pended state, work on the document and when ready push to CDP E-Sign for signing. What do I do if I realize I need to add another page or signature box to a document that has been pushed for signing?You should first cancel the document in CDP E-Sign.  This will unlock the document in CDP Manage which can then be put in Edit mode to add the additional page or signature box.  Once you are happy with all your changes select the E-Sign button again to continue the process in CDP E-Sign. What should I do if I accidently push the E-Sign button in CDP Manage?When the CDP E-Sign button is pushed it functions the same as selecting the Pending button but with the integration to the CDP E-Sign site.  At this point the document can still be worked on in CDP Manage if other changes are required. Can I cancel a document even after it has been completely signed?Yes.  As long as the document has not been Approved it can be canceled and then edited in CDP Manage. What do I do if I forget the PIN I setup for a signer?You can log back into CDP E-Sign and select Edit Signer.  Once you select the signer you will be able to view the PIN. There???s a long list of documents or signers, how do I quickly find the document or signer I am looking for?CDP E-Sign allows you to filter on documents and signers.  Simply type a portion of the document???s description or signer???s name and the list will filter to a manageable level. Should I generate a new PIN if a signer loses the one previously provided?No. The PIN established when a document is sent for signing needs to be used.  You should log back into CDP E-Sign and select Edit Signer.  Once you select the signer you will be able to view the PIN and communicate it to the signer. Why am I not seeing a document in CDP E-Sign?There are a couple of possible reasons.  1) The document does not contain any signature boxes or 2) the logged in user does not have access to the Group / Type the document was pended under in CDP Manage. What happened to the signer I had setup to sign on a previous document?Once a document is Approved any associated signers that are not linked to another document are removed from the signing list. This is done to help keep the list clean. Why am I not receiving email notifications?Please verify your email address has been added to your account.  This is done in the User Settings page once you are logged in to CDP E-Sign. How do I know who sent a document?There is a Sender field within CDP E-Sign that shows who within the credit union sent the document for signing. We have numerous documents out for signing.  How do I narrow down the list to the one document I need to approve?The notification email will contain the CDP Websign ID.  Once logged into CDP E-Sign enter the ID in the filter field to narrow the list to the specific document you are looking to approve. How do I see a list of all the documents I have sent out or need to review and/or approve?Enter your user ID in the filter field.  This will reduce the list to only items you have sent.  You can also filter the list by description, type or member no. Why can???t I delete a signer?If a signer is tied to an existing document they cannot be deleted.  The signer will be automatically deleted once the document is approved and they are no longer tied to any other documents. 

  • CDP E-Receipts

    ???How is pricing determined?Pricing is a tiered structure based on the number of branches that will be using CDP E-Receipts. How many stations can use CDP E-Receipts?You can have an unlimited number of workstations configured to use the software.  CDP E-Receipts is based on the number of branches. Can I brand CDP E-Receipts with our logo?Yes, a branded portal is an option.  If you purchase a branded portal your colors and logo will be used. Can you pre-load CDP E-Receipts with our currently saved email addresses?Yes. If you are able to provide a spreadsheet containing first name, last name, member/customer number and email address we will seed the database with this information during implementation. Do I need to purchase another server to run this application?No, you can leverage an existing server as our application has a very small footprint. Can this software be installed in a virtual environment?Yes, the server portion of our software can run in a virtual environment on a virtual machine. Is the software installed on our CORE System?No.  Your CORE system is not impacted. What actually gets installed?SQL Server Express is installed on an existing server.  This is done by CDP.  There is a ???small client??? installed on each workstation.  CDP will demonstrate the process on a workstation or two then expect the rest to be done by the CU/Bank.  The client installation is a simple Microsoft Installer (MSI) where ???Next??? needs to be clicked a few times and the IP address of the thermal printer entered. What OS does the client work on?Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit both supported). How long does it take to get setup?You can usually be up and running within a week. Does CDP E-Receipts affect what we do in our CORE system?No.  CDP E-Receipts captures the print job from the CORE system before it reaches the printer.  Nothing the teller currently does in the CORE changes. How does the print job get directed to your software?A print queue is created to the IP and a specific port on the workstation. How do you identify the customer/member?We parse the print job and pull out the first name, last name and customer/member number.  This allows the software to then retrieve/save all associated email addresses. What if part of the identifier is masked, how will you uniquely identify the person?CDP E-Receipts uses a combination of account ID, first name and last name to uniquely identify the person. Are the emails sent using our email application?No.  CDP E-Receipts uses its own email handler. What if I currently have an email encryption provider, can I use that with CDP E-Receipts?If your email encryption provider allows for keyword encryption then ???yes???.  Keyword encryption means a certain keyword is used in the subject line or body of the email to automatically encrypt the message. What type of encryption is used?AES 256 Encryption Can email addresses saved in CDP E-Receipts be exported?Yes.  Email addresses are stored in a SQL Server Express database and a job can be created to export those on a schedule so they can be imported into another application. Do we have to encrypt the receipts when emailed?Technically no, but we do not recommend sending the receipts in plain text. The receipt typically contains sensitive data. What if the customer/member does not want the receipt emailed?The teller still has the ability to print the receipt. Do you work with any CORE/Data Processor?CDP E-Receipts was designed to work with any CORE/Data Processor since it captures print jobs.  We install a receipt capture program when working with a new CORE/Data Processor to get a good sampling of receipts.  From there we???ll create a parser that will allow the program to extract the first name, last name and customer/member number. What happens if someone forgets their password when logging into the portal?The portal supports a password reset process.  Your customer/member never has to contact you and is completely self-sufficient. How long do the emails remain in the portal?14 days. Can I have more than one email address associated to an account?Yes. CDP E-Receipts lets you store numerous addresses per primary account. What if an email addresses changes?The teller has the ability to add, update or delete email addresses in real time directly from the software. What is the purpose of the Mask button?If information is masked from the CORE/Data Processor it will be masked in our application.  The Mask button allows the teller to hide additional information on the receipt.  Any information masked within the application will also be masked when the receipt is emailed or printed. What type of user training is available and what resources are available?Post implementation a CDP representative will test and go over the email receipt process.  They will also provide a video so it can be viewed by everyone using the software.  If there are questions or issues the end user can contact CDP at 800.869.0493, option 1 for support. Where can I find additional information?Please visit the Complete Data Products website page for CDP E-Receipts, There is also a video on the product which can be found there as well. We offer regular webinars on CDP E-Receipts, please sign up through the ???Contact Us??? tab on our website. Lastly, we have periodic whitepapers which can be found on our website. 

  • CDP Email Encryption

    How do I send an encrypted email?

    If you are sending an email to another person who uses the Zix email encryption, it will automatically be encrypted and no additional configuration is necessary.  If you are sending an email to a person that does not use the Zix email encryption, all you need to do is type in the subject line Secure or SecureIT and then the subject you would like to appear in the subject line and the recipient of the email will receive an email and in the message body it will be something similar:


       To view the secure message, click Open Message.

       The secure message expires on Jan 31, 2014 @ 05:03 PM (GMT).

       Do not reply to this notification message; this message was auto-generated by the sender's security system.
       To reply to the sender, click Open Message.

       If clicking Open Message does not work, copy and paste the link below into your Internet browser address bar.



    What if the recipient of the email has never logged into the Secure Message Center or has forgotten their password?

    It is very simple to register, just click on the register button and follow the prompts.  It is very easy to rest the password as well, quite simply press the reset button and follow the instructions.


    Why did my email get encrypted because I did not put a keyword in the subject line?

    The email got encrypted because the content of the email contained personal financial information (account number, credit card number, Social Security number) or information covered by the HIPPA law (Medical Information).


    How long will messages be retained in the Secure Message Center?

    This setting is configured by the company that sent you the email message. The expiration of each message is displayed in the Message Details page.


       What Internet browsers are recommended to use the Secure Message Center?

       We recommend that you use one of the following:

       Microsoft?? Internet Explorer?? version 7.0 or higher

       Mozilla?? Firefox?? version 4.0 or higher

       Apple?? Safari??? version 5.0 or higher

      Other Internet browsers may be used, but have not been validated.


    How secure is the Secure Message Center?

    Messages stored in the Secure Message Center are encrypted with 168-bit triple DES encryption. Messages are viewed using secure Internet connections with high encryption. This level of encryption is considered highly secure by industry standards.


       What mobile devices are recommended for use in reading messages in the Secure Message Center?

       We recommend that you use one of the following:

       BlackBerry?? version 6.0 or higher

       Apple?? iPhone?? and iPad ?? version 4.3 or higher

       Android ?? devices 2.3 or higher

       Other mobile devices may be used to view your messages, but have not been validated.


    How can I access the Secure Message Center?

    You can access the Secure Message Center from a recommended mobile device or any computer with access to the Internet.



    How do I access my account if I'm locked out?

    After three unsuccessful sign in attempts, you will be locked out of your account for 30 minutes.

    If you become locked out of your account, you will be sent a notification email message to the email Inbox of the email address you entered, while signing in, if it is a registered email address.

    The email sent to you contains information on how to change your password and unlock your account. You can always click the reset button next to Forgot your password? On the Sign In page to change your password at any time.


    Can I send large file attachments?

    The attachment limits, including how many files you can attach, and the maximum combined file size limit is indicated on the Attach File page.

    NOTE: The larger the size of each file, the longer it takes to upload or download.


    Can other people view my secure messages?

    No, the Secure Message Center servers receive the email messages securely and store them using 168-bit, triple DES encryption. Intended recipients must use their password to open any email messages they receive, therefore no one else can view your messages.


    Can I get an expired message back once it is removed from my Inbox?

    If the message has expired and been deleted, it is no longer available. Due to the security features of the Secure Message Center, the sender of the message must re-send it to you.

    When a message expires, an expiration notification email message is returned to the sender.

    You can still access the Secure Message Center from an expired message notification in your regular email Inbox, but will not be able to see the expired email message.


    Where can I find more information on the Secure Message Center?


  • CDP Manage

    What kind of documents can be printed to CDP Manage?

    Any kind of document can be printed into CDP Manage, provided that you can click print and select the printer to use.  Printing a document through the CDPManage_VirtualPrinter will open in CDP Manage, where it can be indexed and saved.


    When I launch CDP Manage, I get the message ???Cannot communicate with the Signature Pad.???

    This reason for this message is that CDP Manage is configured to work with a signature pad and one is not connected.  To resolve, either connect a signature pad or change the setting so that the signature pad is disabled.


    If you do have a signature pad connected to your PC, place the document into Pending.  Next, unplug the signature pad from the PC and move it to a different USB port on the same PC.  Once that is complete, edit the pending document and try to sign on the signature pad.


    When I print to CDPManage, nothing launches.

    First, check the system tray for the CDPReceiver-Manage icon




    If it isn???t running, it will need to be started.

        Click Start > All Programs > CDP eSig Plus > CDPReceiver-Manage.exe


    Next, check that data was received.  To check, right click on the CDPReceiver-Manage and click Open.

    If Data / Packets Received are 0, that means no data has come across.  That means that the print queue may be stuck and you would need to contact the data processor to check on the status of the queue and may need to be reset or cleared out.


    To minimize, click Hide.


    What does it mean when CDP Manage says ???Database error! Document not saved to the database????

    This error message is thrown because the document could not be saved.  In most cases, it is because there are too many color or grayscale pages in the document, making it very large.


    The standard settings for document scanning is 200 DPI and Black and White.  This gives a small files size, with a page that is still easily viewable.


    If you come across this error, try removing any scanned pages and rescanning them as 200 DPI, Black and White pages.


     I cannot click Save.  It is not enabled.

    With any CDP Manage document, there are certain items that must be selected or filled in before the document can be saved.


    A Type must be selected.  This will create a description by default.  The Date needs to be filled in, as well as the Member Number.  Any other field with an * marked is also required.  This will vary per institution.


    The rest of the indexing will help when searching for a document.

















    When trying to scan I get a message saying ???The scan was aborted because the scanner is not powered on or connected properly.???

    The first thing to check is that you have the proper scanner selected.  In CDP Manage, click on Document > Select Scanner to ensure that the proper scanner is selected.


    Next, you should check your ???Devices and Printers??? to ensure that the scanner is seen by the PC.  If you do not see your scanner, make sure that it is selected.


    Once you can see the scanner in the ???Devices and Printers,??? try scanning again.


    When I open CDP Manage, I see a message saying ???Your license for CDP Manage will expire on mm/dd/yyyy. You have X days remaining to renew your license???.???  What should I do?


    In this case, this means that the CDP Manage license is going to expire and needs to be renewed.  Please contact the eSig Plus team at 800.869.0493 opt. 1 to update your license.


    The tech that you speak with will need access to the server in order to adjust your licenses.


    When I open CDP Manage, it looks like this:






























    This is because the DPI scaling is set too high.  You will need to lower it from Larger or Medium to the default setting of 96 DPI or 100%.


    I am looking for a document in CDP Manage and cannot find it.


    If you are using offsite storage for your long term document retention, the files are only stored in CDP Manage for 4 days.  The Document will be saved and pushed to the offsite storage the first evening.  The second evening the file will be confirmed.  The third day, nothing happens.  The fourth evening, the document will be deleted from the local database, since it is now in your offsite storage.


    If you are storing all documents in-house, try using different search criteria, a different type, or All Documents (top level of the group/type setup), as the document may have been saved incorrectly.


  • CDP Teller

    How many software licenses do I need?

    A software license is needed for each workstation that CDP Teller will be installed on, regardless of how many tellers use that workstation.


    Do I need to purchase another server to run this application?

    No, you can leverage an existing server as our application as long as your server has sufficient resources.


    How does the print job get directed to your software?

    A print queue is created to the IP and a specific port on the workstation.


    How do you identify the customer/member?

    We parse the print job and pull out the first name, last name and customer/member number.  This allows the software to then retrieve/save all associated email addresses.


    What is the purpose of the Mask button?

    If information is masked from the Data Processor, it will be masked in our application.  The Mask button in CDP Teller allows the teller to hide additional information on the receipt so that it does not appear on the printed or emailed copies.


    Can I look up previous transactions that I accepted in CDP Teller?

    Yes. Along with CDP Teller, you will also receive CDP Central. In CDP Central, tellers can view receipts that are stored in your server???s database.


    Can I attach IDs or other documents to a receipt?

    Yes. After a receipt opens in CDP Teller, a teller has the option of scanning in a member???s ID or any other document that needs to be attached to that particular receipt by just using an ID/document scanner attached to that workstation.


    What type of scanners work with CDP Teller?

    Any scanner that uses a TWAIN-based driver will work.


    Can I use a signature pad with CDP Teller?

    Yes. Using a Topaz SignatureGemLCD4x3 BHSB-R signature pad, members can sign receipts.


    Does CDP Teller work with our Data Processor?

    Yes; CDP Teller will work with any Data Processor.


    What type of user training is available and what resources are available?

    Post implementation a CDP representative will test and go over the email receipt process.  They will also provide a video so it can be viewed by everyone using the software.  If there are questions or issues the end user can contact CDP at 800.869.0493, option 1 for support.


  • CDP Laser Solutions

    What is Laser Print Solution?

    CDP???s Laser Print Solution (LPS) eliminates the need for many of your preprinted forms. We make an electronic version of your form that is stored in your printer. When you ???print??? the form it will no longer need the preprinted stock in the printer, but will merge your data with the electronic form stored in the printer.  The form prints to plain paper with all of the information that was previously printed on the preprinted form.


    What are the benefits of LPS?

    ???  LPS replaces costly preprinted forms with electronic forms stored in the printer.

    ???  Changes to your forms can be readily made, and updated when needed.  Changing a logo or an address no longer means getting new forms

    ???  Forms look more professional than when printed on a dot-matrix printer.

    ???  You are able to customize your forms. Want a signature added to your checks? We can do that. Want a marketing message on a form ??? no


    Does LPS work with any laser printer?

    No. Our solution works with specific Lexmark printers which are programmed according to your needs.


    Will I be able to use the same printer for my regular network printing?

    Yes. You???ll be able to use the LPS printer for all of your favorite programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.).


    Do you have a limit on the number of forms I can print?

    No.  We???ll program as many forms as you would like to convert.


    How long does it take to get LPS?

    In most cases we???ll have the printer functioning within 2-3 weeks.


    What happens if I have a problem with my printer?

    ???  Lexmark???s printers have troubleshooting steps built into the printer that show you the steps to take to correct some problems. Lexmark also offers
       online chats and knowledge base to search for help on a specific error.

    ???  You???ll find some troubleshooting videos on the CDP website or help with some of the more common questions you may have.

    ???  We also offer an annual support plan for our printers. You call may CDP and we???ll help diagnose and correct problems that you may experience.

    ???  You may also purchase an extended warranty on your printers which gives you a next day replacement in the event that we can???t correct your

        problem with a phone call.


    How much does LPS cost?

    CDP???s Laser Print Solution is customized to your workflow.  Because it is a custom solutions, we will discuss your needs and determine the best printer for your application, and provide a quote based your needs.


    I???m interested, but I have some additional questions.  How do I contact you?

    You may email  or call 800-869-0493 and choose option #5.


  • CDP Thermal Solutions

    What is the benefit of using a thermal printer?

    There is no ink or toner in the thermal printer so the only expense is the cost of the paper, and thermal paper is extremely inexpensive. There are few moving parts, it has a small footprint and is extremely durable. The only consumable is the paper.


    How long will the image stay on the receipt?

    That would depend on the quality of the thermal paper used and the storage conditions. At CDP we sell financial institution approved thermal paper that can hold its image for 7 years when properly stored.


    What type of thermal printers are available for purchase?

    CDP sells the Epson TMT88 model and modifies the printer with a custom created module. An Epson endorsement/thermal printer with the same modification is also available.


    What connection types are available?

    Both printers are available with a serial or network connection. A network connection is the most current and most flexible. At this time the custom CDP module is not available with a USB connection.


    I have found the same model Epson printer online and it is less expensive. Why the price difference?

    The printer that CDP sells is the shell of an Epson printer that has been modified with the addition of a custom module and changing some of the internal printer settings. The price difference is the cost of the module. Existing TMT88 Epson printers upgraded by purchasing the custom module, however, adding the printer


    Can I buy the same model Epson printer online?

    The shell of the printer & model number will be the same, but the printer will not contain a custom CDP module so it will not function correctly. The CDP module was developed specifically to manipulate your data processor???s data. Most of the printer???s cost is that module and the software that works in tandem with it to configure the settings. The module is only sold through CDP and it is more cost effective to purchase the printer package complete with software and module through CDP.

    If you have existing Epson printers that are TMT88III, IV or V that you would like to upgrade to use CDP???s module, that can be done, please call us for details.


    Is data masking available, how does it work?

    Data masking involves replacing all or portions of the member number with X???s. Data masking is available at an additional cost. Other portions of the receipt could be masked depending on your data processor, ask a representative for details.


    Can I customize my receipt with my logo or other information?

    Yes. CDP can use your own design or make a custom design for you to upload into the printer. Usually the design includes a company logo, phone number, address, website address and a signature line. Some companies will put a marketing message in the logo area.


    What custom functions are available with the thermal printer?

    The printer can print 1 or 2 receipts, small or large font. There are also settings to adjust the column & lines, those settings are determined by your data processor.


    Does the thermal printer print in color?

    No. The printer prints at 72 dpi, black and white only (no color or halftones).


    CDP Teller is not popping up (and my printer is not printing) how do I proceed?

    Refer to CDP Teller troubleshooting first. Once CDP teller does open up ??? if the printer still does not print then proceed with thermal printer troubleshooting.


    My thermal printer has stopped printing what should I do?

    First clear the print buffer: Turn printer off, hold in the feed button the whole time that you turn the printer back on ??? a test page should print. Now tap the feed button ??? an ???abc??? test sheet should print. Next do an ???open+feed+close???. This step needs to be performed fairly quickly and if done correctly it will also print out a diagnostic receipt. To do this: press the open button (just like you would if changing paper), then tap the feed button, and then close the lid. Again ??? this must be done pretty quickly to get the receipt to print. If your receipt still does not print after performing the steps above ??? call CDP and have the receipts with you as you will need to give the representative information off those receipts.


    The receipt from my ???open+feed+close??? says ERROR! Next to the firmware version, how do I upgrade the firmware?

    The error message next to the firmware version is normal ??? it is supposed to read that way. Firmware upgrades are not available unless you have purchased data masking and your firmware is 19 or older. Firmware for the CDP modules is proprietary and is not distributed or available for purchase.


    I just replaced the thermal roll in the printer and now the receipt prints blank. What can I do?

    First check to see if genuine thermal paper was used (calculator tape and ATM paper are about the same size as thermal paper rolls and it is not uncommon to accidentally grab the wrong type of paper). If there IS thermal paper in the printer, check to make sure it has been loaded in correctly with portion that feeds going under the roll not over the roll ??? there should be a picture inside the lid of the printer. If that is also correct ??? turn the printer off, hold the feed button in the whole time you are turning the printer on ??? is that sheet blank? If so call CDP to have repair instructions emailed ??? if it is not blank then tap the feed button one more time and now try to print something.


    There are white ???stripes??? going through the logo & type on my receipt, can I fix this?

    You can try to clean the print head but unless there is a lot of paper dust present, this will probably not correct the issue. Usually once stripes appear the thermal print head needs to be replaced. This may or may not be covered under warranty depending on the age of the printer and the type of paper used. Call CDP to have repair instructions emailed.


    The cutter is not cutting all the way, can I fix this?

    In most cases, if the paper is not feeding properly or the cutter is not moving all an adjustment can be made. In front of where the paper feeds out there is a small panel that can be slid forward. Slide the panel forward and inside you should see a knob and small hole with a triangle in it. The triangle needs to be centered in the hole ??? turn the knob until the triangle is centered. If it was centered to begin with, then the cutter may be broken, contact CDP to have repair instructions emailed.


    I need to change the IP address in my Ethernet connected printer, what do I do?

    Launch the Multi-Config tool that came with your printer. Click on scan. Highlight the printer that needs the change, click on configure selected. In the panel that comes up you can change the IP address, gateway, device name, the size of the font and whether 1 or 2 receipts are printed. Once changes are made, click ok. If your printer is serial you will need to contact CDP to make changes. There is no IP address in a serial printer.


    I have launched the multi-config tool and it says no devices are available. Why?

    First make sure your thermals are Ethernet connected. Serial printers use a different software tool. Make sure the windows firewall is shut off on the PC you are using to scan. Make sure the firewall is not interfering with the software???s ability to perform a scan. If all else fails ??? connect the thermal printer to the back of the pc you are using with a crossover cable. Using a crossover cable eliminates all the potential conflicts that can be generated by the network. A crossover cable should be readily available from any location that sells computer cables.


    I have serial connected thermal printers. How do I make changes to them?

    Before a change can be made to a serial cable you need a ???null modem??? serial cable (this is not the same as a regular serial cable). Once you have your null modem cable, contact CDP to obtain the files you need (configuration files or logo changes).


    Can my existing serial printers be upgraded to Ethernet?

    Yes. An upgrade ???kit??? that includes software, a CDP Ethernet module and instructions is available. If possible we do recommend the use of Ethernet whenever possible as it is the most flexible connection and allows the user to make changes at will.


    Can more than one person print to the same printer?

    Yes. It is recommended that no more than 2 share the same printer, however, if print volume is low, it is possible to share the printer among more than 2 stations.


    I am switching data processors, will my Epson printer still work?

    These printers have been tested on many different processors and the list is continuously growing. Contact CDP to find out if the processor you are switching to is supported. If it is not, you can purchase a ???downgrade??? kit which includes a generic module and instructions. This will return your printer to factory defaults.


    How long is my warranty?

    The current version Epson printer is the TMT88-V printer. The V has a 4 year warranty.


    Do I need to perform maintenance on my printer?

    Epson recommends cleaning the thermal head periodically (approximately every 3 months depending on use) ??? this will help maintain receipt print quality. To clean ??? turn off printer, open the cover, clean the thermal elements of the thermal head with a cotton swap moistened with ethanol or IPA alcohol. Depending on the type of paper used there may be paper dust present, if there is, clean the paper roller with a cotton swab moistened with water. Turn printer back on after rollers are dry.


    Does it make a difference which type of thermal paper I use?

    Yes. Some of the lesser quality papers are quite abrasive and will act like sandpaper against the thermal print head. For best results and quality (and to prolong the life of your print head) always use Epson approved paper. CDP does sell Epson approved paper.


    Where can I get my printer serviced?

    Please contact CDP and we will email repair instructions to you. Client is responsible for shipping costs whether or not printer is under warranty.


  • CDP Forms

    What are CDP Forms?

    CDP Forms takes your company forms and transforms them to use the power of the web to send and digitally sign them. This process results in an easier, quicker turnaround and completion.


    How does CDP Forms process work?

    There are a couple of ways:

       1) Someone in your company can begin a form process and send it out to their client for additional information and signing

       2) You may place a link on your website where clients may click and begin a process on their own ??? including signing and routing the document  
            back to the proper person or department in your office.


    How does this improve my process?

    You???ll be able to process more forms, and more quickly than you previously did.  You won???t have to schedule appointments for people to sign off on documents.  Documents will be delivered to you as soon as they are completed and signed.  You will be able to open them and complete the process when it fits your schedule. It saves time, resources and reduces the chances of lost or misplaced items.


    How does this improve my client???s experience?

    A client may access forms on your web site, fill them and return them to you on their own schedule.  The client doesn???t have to try to fit a call or a visit in to your office to get started. With a digital signature, they won???t have to wait for a mail delivery, or make a visit to your office (often during their own work hours) to sign the completed document.  In addition, it protects the client???s personal information ??? they won???t have to worry about their documents getting delivered to the wrong address or fax number, or being left out where an unauthorized person may be able to view it.


    How can I prevent fraud or unauthorized use of the web forms?

    You have several choices to prevent these problems:

         ??? Public URL:  This form doesn???t have built in security.  You could use this form for requests for additional information or other documents that you
           are not worried about securing.

         ??? PIN:  You may set up a form requiring the use of a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to gain access. The client would need to contact a
           company representative to receive a PIN.

         ??? Additional Fields: Required fields such as Social Security or an account number, mother???s maiden name, or challenge questions (questions only
           the client would be able to answer) can be built into the form. These fields would be verified as correct before proceeding with the request.

         ??? Experian: Provides the highest level of security.  As an Experian partner, we???ll integrate ???out-of-wallet??? questions in the forms process. These
           questions make it difficult for anyone other than the actual named party to know the answer and obtain access to this information.

         ??? Combination of above: Any of the options above can be combined on a single form.


    What if I need to have multiple signers to one document?

    You may have multiple signers, and each person will be allowed to enter their own information.  You may also designate the order in which the form is filled out and signed.


    Can the signers see or keep the actual document?

    Yes. Signers may view and/or save a copy of the document.


    What does it cost to use CDP Forms?

    There is a one-time setup fee for each form (the actual cost depends on the complexity of the form) and an annual fee based on the number of transactions you use.


    I???m interested, but I have some additional questions.  How do I contact you?

    You may email  or call 800-869-0493 and choose option #5.


  • CDP Member Initiated Forms

    How does the Member Initiated Forms process work?

    The member selects on a URL to start the signing process.  After accepting the E-SIGN agreement they are presented with a page to fill in form information.  The form fields are setup as being required or optional.  The fields are then merged in with the document and presented to the signer.  The application takes them to the first signature box.  They do have the ability to scroll through the document before and during the signing process.  They ???click-to-sign???.  A digital version of their signature will display.  This process will continue until all signatures are collected.


    Once the document is signed the CU will be notified via email.  They can then view / approve the document in CDP E-Sign.


    When Approving the document they will need to select Group / Type and fill in any required indexing fields.  All information is tied to the configuration in CDP Manage.


    How does Member Initiated Forms (MIF) improve my process?

    Many times the current process is for your member to print the form, fill it out, make a copy for their records, sign it then either mail it in or fax it back.


    Think of the impact with the following:

        - What if the member forgets to sign the document?

        - What if the member forgets to fill in required information such as SSN or member number?

        - What if the member mails it to the wrong branch / address or faxes to the wrong number?

        - Even if everything is filled in correctly and signed think of the turnaround time if a member has to mail the form?

        - Most people don???t have faxes at home so now they need to wait until they get to work to do it.


    Also consider the steps required by the CU with each form:

        - They need to open the envelope or retrieve the fax.  How does someone even know when it has arrived?

        - They need to scan the document into CDP Manage.

        - If any information is missing they need to contact the member.  What if the member is not available and they need to wait for a call back?

        - Sensitive information could be sitting on an open fax machine.


    All of these are eliminated when using Member Initiated Forms:

        - The member has to fill in all required information before completing the signing process.

        - The member must sign everywhere the CU wants them to sign.

        - The document is saved directly into CDP Manage.

        - Specific people are notified as soon as the document is completed and signed.

        - The entire process takes minutes.  The member does not have the ability to download a copy for themselves.


    What options do I have if I want place the form on our public facing website?

        ??? Public URL ??? The link to the document would be placed on the web site with no security built in.

                   o Downside of this option is that any time the link is clicked it does go against the CU???s annual transactions.

        ??? PIN ??? a pin would be setup with the form.  The member would need to know the pin to access the document.  Typically the member would
          contact the CU to learn the pin.

        ??? Additional Fields ??? Additional fields could be added to the form such as SSN, Mother???s Maiden Name, Acct #, challenge question or anything only
          the member would know.  We would make these field required.

        ??? Experian ??? You could leverage our integration with Experian.  Anyone clicking on the form would need to pass the Experian process before they
          could actually fill in and sign the form. With Experian they are asked out-of-wallet questions.


    What are my options if I don???t want to place the link to the document on our public facing website?

        ??? Email the link to the member.  Using Change of Address as an example, the member would contact the CU asking about how they change their
          address.  The CU could verify them over the phone, ask for their email address and email them the link.

        ??? Post links in online banking ??? You could ask your data processor to publish the links within your online banking application.  This way a member
          would need to first log into online banking before having access to the form(s).


    Can I implement more than one option from question #3 or #4?

    Yes. Any of the options can be combined on a single form.  For example, you could email the member the link but make a pin required to start the signing process.


    Can I have more than one signer be part of the signing process?

    Yes. Optional signers can be setup on a form.  If a second signer is required the person kicking off the process will enter in the email address of the second signer.  The credit union will receive one document containing all signatures.


    Can different form information be collected from different signers?

    Yes.  As part of the form setup it is determined which information is gathered from each signer.  Required fields are also configured so the process cannot be completed until all required fields are filled in.


    Can I determine the order of who signs first when there is more than one signer?

    Yes.  The signing process can be configured as sequential (member 1 signs then member 2) or non-sequential (all signers can sign at the same time).


    Can a signer see the actual document when they are being asked to fill in field information?

    Yes. There is a ???View Document??? link at the top of the page that will bring up the actual PDF.  Before the document is signed the member is presented the document will all fields filled in so they are able to see what they are signing.


    What does it cost to use MIF?

    There is a one-time setup charge for each form.  The actual cost varies depending on form and time to setup.


    Does MIF go against my annual transactions?

    Yes.  The system registers a transaction as soon as the link is selected.


    Can I test a form without it going against my annual transactions?

    Yes.  We will provide a TEST URL.  This URL will watermark TEST on the document so it should not be used for a member.  Once the CU approves the form a LIVE URL will be provided.




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