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Text receipts with CDP E-Receipts


(April 8, 2014) ??? Two out of three Americans use text messaging on a regular basis (Comscore, 2/12). 4 billion people worldwide use texting as a means to communicate (Observer, online, 5/12). Various studies indicate that texting is growing as the preferred method of cell phone communication. Why the switch to text? The benefits are numerous: texting is quick, brief, concise, and minimally intrusive ??? best of all, there are no passwords to remember. - (Read more...)

Text Receipts Latest Efficiency Innovation


The text and email receipt options that have helped spur retail evolutions with mobile phone payments could soon be available to credit union members.


Complete Data Products, a Troy, Mich.-based firm that began supplying equipment for back office operations in 1986, has a program that enables a teller to either print members a receipt or to send them one to their email or as a text message to their mobile phones. (Read more...)


Vendor Launches Digital Teller Receipts


Credit union tellers will soon be able to send their members transaction receipts to their mobile phones or email accounts.


Complete Data Products, a Troy, Mich., firm that began in 1986 as a supplier of forms for receipts and marketing materials, announced a program that will enable a teller to send members a receipt to their email or as a text message to their mobile phone.(Read more...)


Text receipts from the Teller Line with CDP E-Receipt


by Lisa Reed (Download Now)


Complete Data Products Announces CDP Text Receipt Software


TROY, Mich., April 16, 2014 ??? Complete Data Products, a leader in paperless document management software, announces a new product: CDP Text Receipts. This software can be used in conjunction with CDP E-receipts (email and print) or it can be purchased as a stand-alone product.


CDP Text Receipts adds the ability to instantly text a transaction receipt from the teller line. This software can be utilized by any financial institution. According to Credit Union Times ( 50% of online banking users mainly use mobile devices. Because of the convenience & portability of mobile devices online is used less and less. CDP Text Receipts allows you to tap into and attract this growing segment of clients. (Read more..)


Complete Data Products makes 6 hires, expands customer base

Neal Doshi and his brother, Nirav Doshi, purchased Complete Data Products two years ago with the idea of turning the software firm into something bigger. A few software product launches later, the Troy-based business is realizing that dream for its owners.


"From a numbers standpoint we expect our company to grow 20 percent, top-line, by the end of the year," Neal Doshi says.


Complete Data Products specializes in paperless document management software. If there is some sort of business function that requires using paper, Complete Data Products is coming up with ways to do it digitally. (Read more..)


BYOD: A Potential Cyber Security Nightmare

by Joel Abramson (Download Now)

Brick and mortar not obsolete, just different. New customer base eschews the velvet-rope lobby setup.


Despite declining foot traffic, the rise of digital banking, and changing generational preferences, the bank branch remains relevant???but only when it???s been transformed into a careful combination where traditional services and interactive financial offerings connect with the bank???s customer base.


???The branch is relevant,??? says Joel Abramson, director of business development and strategy for Complete Data Products Inc. ???Study after study shows this. It???s the No. 1 sales and engagement channel. Lots of customers like it???older customers, baby boomers, people who still write and deposit checks. It???s still where all the selling takes place.???


He spoke during a recent ABA briefing/webcast titled ???The Demise of Branch Banking???Fact or Fiction???? (Read more...)



Virtualizing Your Office While Protecting Your Data.

(Download here)


Q: How do I start the process of virtualizing my office to increase retrievability and improve workflow and security without compromising document accessibility?

Virtualizing your office (going paperless) can be a daunting task; but, with the correct combination of workflow changes and software it is simple! Below are suggested workflow changes along with software that will help you get started.



Start virtualizing your office by converting all existing papers (i.e. W2s, W4s and tax papers) into digital files. Expand the process by capturing signatures and extra documents digitally.


Offer your clients the convenience of viewing, signing and adding supporting documents 24/7/365 from any Internet-capable device. Stop using a courier or certified mail and save both time and money. Protect the integrity of sensitive data by eliminating faxing. CDPWebsign allows you to take new or existing documents, add signature boxes and send them out securely over the Internet. Capture signatures from more than one signer and indicate the order

they need to sign in. Signers do not need to be in the same place, nor do they have to sign at the same time. (Continue Here)




Death of Physical Branches: Is This The Inevitable Future?


Are branches still relevant? Or are they doomed to the same fate as Blockbuster and Borders? This analysis looks at three perspectives.


Editorial contributed by Complete Data Products


Remember a few years ago when you drove to Borders to buy a book, then stopped by Blockbuster and rented a movie? Now you buy your books on an e-reader, and more movies are rented with a streaming service like Netflix. Traditional brick and mortar locations in many retail sectors are simply fading away. This same dramatic transition is taking place with financial institutions. In today???s digital world where financial services are increasingly electronic (ATM???s, online, mobile devices, etc.), is there still a need for physical branches? This is one of the hottest debates among financial institution executives, so let???s examine the subject through the lens of three perspectives:


The Digital Movement

Evaluating the relevancy and survival

The Redesign


1.) The Digital Movement


Borders and Blockbuster are fading memories. Airlines have replaced a majority of their staff with online check-in and self-service kiosks ??? you don???t even need a printed boarding pass. Society is more digitally connected and as a consequence, consumers expects instant results. The financial industry has not escaped the clutches of this digital movement. In fact, many suggest digital channels threaten the very existence of the physical branch and the traditional role of tellers. What happened and how did it happen so quickly?


This dramatic change goes by many names: digital disruption, big-bang disruption or disruptive innovation/technology. Whatever you call it, a disruptive technology replaces one that existed previously. In other words, a process or service is revamped and made available, usually at a lower cost and with more features. It might start out appealing only to a small segment of the market, but then rapidly it can quickly balloon in popularity until the majority demands changes be institutionalized across the board. (Read more...)





Receipt Emailing Software Hits Market


Troy, Mich.- based technology vendor Complete Data Products said it has signed up five credit unions for its new CDPEmail Receipt software, which facilitates the sending of secure, encrypted teller receipts to members via email from any core data processing host.


The new software gives credit union staff members the option of emailing teller receipts to members instead of printing them, the company said.


Each time a staff member chooses to print a receipt for a member, the software produces a screen that displays the member???s email address and allows the receipt to be emailed. Staff members can easily add and update member email addresses to keep their databases current and growing, the company said.


???It is no longer necessary to print a paper copy of receipts for the member,??? said Neal Doshi, sales executive for Complete Data Products. ???Emailing encrypted receipts allows the member to manage their receipts electronically at home. The cost of paper and the risk of losing personal information presented on paper receipts are eliminated.???


Complete Data Products said it now provides electronic data management services, paperless solutions and custom laser print solutions to more than 460 clients in North America and Europe.







Pinal County FCU Increases Member Feedback, Cross Sales


Pinal County FCU has turned around two negatives familiar to many CUs???lack of quality member feedback and low cross-sales ratios???and made them positives with a signature pad. (Read more...)



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