See what our clients have to say about us.


- Tonya, Advantage One

???Our members have busy lives and we are always looking to provide them tools to respect their valuable time.  A great deal of our service area is very rural.  In some cases, members travel over 40 miles to appear in person.  Now they don???t have to.  E-sign, the digital signature solution from CDP, gives our members the ability to legally sign documents 24/7/365 from anywhere they have access to an internet connection.  It provides an added convenience for our members and most important, it is secure.???


- Mark A. Colley, CUCE, President/Chief Executive Officer, First Oklahoma Federal Credit Union




???The CDP Teller application from Complete Data products makes the job of our teller line much simpler, in terms of saving transactions and transaction retrieval. Having the members sign on the signature pad to directly attach a member signature to a transaction, combined with the easy look up of said transaction is second to none.  No more paper receipts floating around the credit union everything is easily accounted for.


If you are considering a paperless Teller solution, I would highly recommend taking a look at Complete Data Products CDP E-Teller product.???

 -Kevin Langford at Georgetown Kraft




???I wanted to take a moment to let everyone at Complete Data Products know how helpful it was during our recent audit, for both the credit union and our auditors, that we now have our documents in a digital paperless format in the CDP Manage paperless software module.


In past audits it could get overwhelming trying to physically locate the many paper files that our auditors requested for review. Now that our documents are indexed in digital filing cabinets, we are able to locate what we need with a few mouse clicks. The auditors were impressed not only with the speed to present the materials requested, but that we also are protecting our members information in case of disaster.


A big thank you to the staff at CDP for making our audits run smoother for everyone involved!"

-Phyllis White,

CEO, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital FCU



"Complete Data Products has helped make our operations much more efficient with their laser printer solution. We have saved thousands of dollars because of the elimination of pre-printed forms and our forms are much more professional now. Our staff finds the printing solution very dependable! CDP was outstanding with the installation process and continues to provide great client service!"

-Connie Miller,




???Advantage One FCU had been considering becoming a paperless credit union for a number of years. As with all financial institutions, the volume of paper generated, maintained and stored was becoming unmanageable. We also had disaster recovery concerns because the majority of our mission critical documents and contracts made us dependent on a single paper copy.


After completion of our due diligence process, it became clear that the product suite offered by Complete Data Products (CDP) of Troy, Michigan not only solved our paperless and DR concerns, but also included a number of products that dramatically improved our workflow, marketing and member service!


The CDPManage and CDP E-Sign modules brought the ability to electronically service new member applications and loan closings 24/7/365 from anywhere on the planet using the internet. The member convenience, speed and cost savings of securely using the internet to do business has revolutionized our credit union processes.


The CDP Teller module allows a member friendly cross-sell experience on the signature pad with every transaction, and we can even securely email receipt copies to our members instead of printing paper receipts.


CDP has taken our credit union to a whole new level of technology that will allow us to not only better serve our current membership, but attract and retain younger GEN Y members by providing the internet business experience they demand.


Advantage One FCU can strongly recommend the products and services of CDP to all progressive financial institutions.???

-Advantage One



???Complete Data Products??? CDP Manage software makes for quick work of our loan files and applications.  The ability to prepare documents prior to our appointments helps make the signing process that much smoother.  Being able to share documents between offices, without having to use fax or courier makes sure that nothing is lost in transit and that all work is complete, without a lot of back and forth and in a fraction of the time.  I am really happy with our decision to purchase CDP Manage.???

-Kevin Langford,

Georgetown Kraft Credit Union



???We???ve recently implemented CDP???s email encryption product at North American Banking Company. We like that the product is from an industry leader in email encryption, that it???s very usable and unobtrusive, and that we could choose from on-premise or hosted models. Protecting our data-in-transit is a top priority for North American Banking Company, our customers, and our vendors -- and we are pleased with the product???s ability to aid in this effort.???

-North American Banking Company




???We are very pleased with our choice to go with CDP over our other options, they have helped make the transition to going paperless very smooth. The process that was created by CDP to send documents has not only saved us paper but also time. We are now able to send Social Security documents anywhere in the world to be signed securely. This solution helped increase our efficiency and has made it easier on our clients so they no longer have to come into the office. The only thing we regret is not doing this sooner.???

-Paul Whiting,

 The Whiting Law Firm


???CDP has helped modernize our business with a quicker, easier and more efficient process. By integrating CDP Forms and CDPWebsign we can now get new referral partners set up in a matter of minutes instead of days or sometimes weeks. Prospective referral partners are presented with an organized, comprehensive, online signup process. The hassle of scanning and faxing no longer exists as all of the information is clearly entered in the online form, all signatures are completed there, and they are even able to upload a voided check during the process. We have experienced a significant increase in ???first time through??? success, making all participants in the process more efficient. We could not be more pleased with our choice to go with Complete Data Products ??? great products and great service!???


-Jim Murray,

Chief Operating Officer, Retail Capital



e-Sig Plus is essential in securely storing documents electronically, and a paperless environment will increase staff productivity and help automate workflow. With e-Sig Plus you will reduce expenses by reducing the amount of printed paper you purchase and store. If a disaster occurs, you???ll have peace of mind knowing that your documents are securely backed up in an off-site location.

 "I would like to personally thank Complete Data Products for bringing the Credit Union into the 21st Century of document storage and retrieval. We wanted to go paperless and Complete Data Products has provided us the means.


"We have just recently implemented the e-Sig Plus paperless solutions, and are already seeing the benefits. We were still in the dark age of preparing member documents, manually typing and filing member records. e-Sig Plus has allowed us to centralize our member records. We now have the ability to access member records from any workstation in the Credit Union, giving our employees immediate access to vital records."


-Mark Button,

IS, Members Trust of the SW FCU




Getting into the credit union to conduct business isn???t always easy. CDP Web sign makes your web branch more powerful by allowing people to not only view applications and other documents, but to fill them out, sign and return them to the credit union.


It???s more convenient for the Credit Union too. Documents are routed electronically to the member and signed using a web browser, tablet or a smart phone so turnaround can be a matter of minutes. No mailing or scheduling appointments for loan closure. This innovative technology will please your older members and is something your younger members expect.


"Complete Data Products hits another home run! Our partnership with CDP first brought us the technology, cost efficiencies, productivity and disaster recovery of becoming a paperless credit union. We have now implemented CDP Web sign that allows us to complete business with our members 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. CDP has transformed our credit union into a nimble, more efficient organization capable of closing loan contracts, signing up new members and completing service requests around the clock in a matter of minutes! We can strongly recommend the products and services of CDP to any credit union that is interested in using technology to improve operations and member service. We look forward to the next innovative solution offered by CDP!"



-VA Desert Pacific Credit Union



???When Complete Data Products launched their CDP Email Receipt product, it seemed like sending securely encrypted emails to our members real-time from the Teller line made more sense than printing thousands of paper receipts every year. After we discovered the cost of the software was easily affordable for us, we implemented the product right away. Emailing member receipts has proven to be a more secure, convenient and GREEN alternative for both the credit union and our membership. I can confidently recommend the CDP Email Receipt product to any credit union looking to save costs and provide a more secure and convenient method of receipt generation to their membership.???


-Kim Floyd,

Controller, Jacksonville Firemen's Credit Union


???We recently implemented the ability to securely email receipts to our members real-time from the Teller line or Call Center. This secure and innovative solution was provided to us by Complete Data Products. Over the last few years we have implemented CDP???s e-Sig Plus paperless software, CDP Websign digital signatures over the web software, and we are considering CDP SigSales, a member friendly cross-sell tool that utilizes the signature pad to generate new revenue. Our credit union has distanced itself from our competitors by taking advantage of the forward thinking technology products offered by CDP that we have been unable to duplicate from any other company. It seems like the folks at CDP are constantly offering a new ground-breaking product or service that helps us achieve our goals. When everyone else is dreaming about it, CDP is offering it. If you have not jumped on the CDP bandwagon already, we can strongly recommend that you do.???


-Lisa Blondeau,

Operations Manager, Ishpeming Community Federal Credit Union




"We had our Grand Opening today, and all went well. Very special heartfelt thanks to you all who have helped me troubleshoot our way to victory! We are up and running smoothly and efficiently. I could not have done it without all your staff???s help! I appreciate everyone???s patience and willingness to take my calls. Please share this email with Nancy, Molly and all the customer service rep???s who made this all possible."


-Fran Gibelyou,

Branch Manager, Family First Credit Union


"Bakersfield City Employees Federal Credit Union went through the process of changing data processing vendors. During the initial research phase we were made aware of Complete Data Products which offered the ability for us to go paperless and archive all our daily work. The daily work we had to maintain was overwhelming so it was quite appealing. Since that time we have been extremely pleased with all the Complete products we purchased as well as the support we receive. The hardware is very functional, compact and easy to maintain. But I think what really makes the whole package complete is the people at CDP. During setup, install, live date and beyond I have been continually pleased at the professionalism and pleasantness of each and every person I have come in contact with from CDP. It makes my job as a CEO much easier leaving me more time to deal with other issues as necessary. I would highly recommend CDP to any financial institution considering their products and services."


-Donna Severs,

CEO, Bakersfield City Employees FCU


"Over the many years of our association with CDP, all of your employees have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful no matter what problem cropped up. Nancy has given me outstanding printer support and all the J???s are great for tech support. I???ve sought out Jason???s expertise on numerous occasions and he???s never left me hanging. Jeff and Jim are great. I know I???ve left out some names but it???s only because the names I mention are the people I???ve worked with extensively. You???ve got a talented group of employees and kudos to you for putting that team together. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of you."


-Southwest Louisiana Credit Union



"I spoke with our Virtual Branch, which helps members by electronic means only, and received feedback from them. I have also used the product a few times and have included my thoughts as well.


My Thoughts:

Love the product!!  It is very convenient not only for the member, but for the CU as well.  We are able to process and complete things much faster. Our members love the convenience of the product.  The added feature of sending the PIN by text message is wonderful too. The members cannot believe how quick and easy it is!  I had one member assume she did it wrong because it was too easy.


I have had 2 situations that this product really helped a member:

  1. We had a member who lived out of state and had fraud on her account.  We needed to get a new account opened for her with a new debit card ASAP.  Instead of mailing, faxing or emailing the documents, we were able to use Web sign and help the member within minutes.  She was on vacation and was able to do everything from her phone.

  2. Helped a member set up a donation account thru Websign (E-Sign). They had just lost their family member in a tragic car accident and were setting up a memorial fund to help pay for funeral expenses and take care of the children. The last thing they want to do is come into an office at a time like this.  We were able to send all docs thru WebSign and get the account set up within minutes."


-Lisa Simonis



"Websign is great. Members love it. I love it too. The text message for the pin number feature is my favorite.  So far I haven't had one complaint and people are very pleased that they can skip having to go into a branch. I'm a fan. I really think it???s the future."


-Kyle Fobare



???CDP E-Sign is the next evolution in document signing.  All of its features, including being able to text a PIN and giving members the ability to upload documents make this a slam dunk of a product.  And it is all done securely, which is very important to us and our members.  Our members are happy when they do not have to come in to the office, taking time out of their busy schedules to sign a document and we are happy collecting signatures and documents in minutes.  It really is easy and convenient for everyone involved.???

-Kevin Langford,

Georgetown Kraft Credit Union



"I love using Websign (now CDP E-Sign)!  It really helped to get more familiar with CDP to use it more efficiently."


-Diane Labadie



"I enjoy using the Websign (E-sign) program. I like the convenience of being able to have members sign documents without making them come into an office. The member also has a choice to print out their documents if they would like a copy of them. I really like the new feature that we can send a text message with the member's PIN number. It's nice when you call a member at a bad time and they don't have access to right down their PIN number, you can send it right to their phone."


-Ashley Anargyros



"I would have to say that I like E-Sign (Websign) because of the quick and convenient service I can provide to our members. It???s very nice to use for a loan closing or a simple document that you need a signature on and do not have to interrupt the members schedule or time ??? which to some members is very important. All in all, the program is very easy to use and very convenient for our members who are currently using electronic products."


-Shayna Comiska







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